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World class performing arts of Okinawa

The performing arts of Okinawa developed along a unique path, impacted by a diverse range of performing arts from Southeast Asia and through coexistence of performing arts for islanders and the royal court. The Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCVB) proudly presents the performing arts of Okinawa arranged in modern style and delivered as the first serious night of entertainment in Okinawa. The stage is one of the foremost theaters both within the prefecture as well as for Japan. We hope you are looking forward to great entertainment!

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Ryukyuan Dance (Yotsutake)

Performer Specially Chosen Ryukyuan Dance Team

It is said that in the past, whenever a new Ryukyuan king was born, the Chinese emperor would dispatch a special envoy called a “sakuhoshi” to Ryukyu to bestow a crown upon the new king. The ship that carried the crown was called an “Okansen,” and a special dance called the “Okansen Odori” would be performed for the visiting envoy. This dance has been passed down through the ages and forms the basis for traditional Ryukyuan dance. The “Yotsutake” dance, which features vibrant costumes made of traditional dyed Okinawan cloth as well as graceful choreography, is considered the most elegant of the traditional dances.


Ryukyuan Drumming

Performer Chijinshu Wakat-da

Let the imposing, earthshaking beat of the drums reverberate through your entire being. The sheer power of the rhythm will penetrate you to the core.



Performer Sousaku Geidan REQUIOS

Throughout Okinawa, lion statues called “shisa” are placed on roofs and gateposts to ward off evil. The lion dance was imported from China and is performed by two people. The face performs the “Gongenmai” dance, and the body is fashioned from abaca cloth from Shimana and other materials to mimic a Chinese lion’s appearance.


Dragon God Dance

Performer Ryujin Densetsu "Shoryu Dan"

In the Ryukyu Kingdom, the Dragon God was worshiped as the guardian deity of the realm. Roofs would often be shaped like dragons, and the pond in the garden of Shuri Castle was named “Ryutan” in honor of the deity. Since the Heisei period, this dance has been appropriated by several youth in their own works, but it is still considered one of Okinawa’s representative folk dances.


Dragon and Tiger Dance

Performer Sousaku Geidan REQUIOS
Performer Ryujin Densetsu "Shoryu Dan"

Watch as the “shisa,” the guardian deity of the common people in Ryukyu, frolics about, only to encounter a dragon that appears out of nowhere and causes a ruckus. After tiring itself out, the dragon finds itself beset by a pack of felines itching for a fight.


Okinawa Hit Songs

Performer Mion

Let the beautiful melodies of Okinawa’s top songs—many of them global hits—wash over your ears.



Performer Bojutsu Hozonkai

When Ryukyu was forbidden from possessing weapons while under the control of Satsuma Province (present-day Kagoshima Prefecture), the art of fighting with a staff was passed down across the realm. This traditional martial art has been refined throughout its long history, and every technique will leave you in awe.



Performer Specially Chosen Ryukyuan Dance Team

In this dance, courtesans known as “juri” don florid garb and horse-themed accessories as they parade through the streets in time to the beat, singing “yui yui yui” all the while. This traditional dance is performed on New Year’s in Naha to celebrate the New Year.



Performer Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko

This is a traditional folk dance performed at night during the Bon festival of the lunar calendar in order to soothe the ancestral spirits. It is performed in several regions throughout Okinawa.



Performer Song/Mion/All Performers

In Okinawa, men and women of all ages perform this dance on festive occasions, somber occasions, and everything in between. At some point, it spread to the mainland and formed the basis for many of Japan’s “hand” dances.


Gorgeous stage performances are presented with traditional performing arts elevated to the first serious night entertainment in Okinawa, through dynamic presentations.


Tatsuaki Takanoha

Currently an active stage director and event producer, he was involved with general production of numerous events in the past, having been a producer engaged primarily in production of music recordings and videos as well as production and direction of stage performances for major entertainers in Japan.


Don Purdy

Birthplace/Okinawa Nationality: U.S.A.

Currently taking part in Okinawan professional basketball and other events, as well as television shows and commercials.

小渡 美和
Miwa Odo

Birthplace/Okinawa Nationality: Japan

Currently serving as a Chinese narrator for Okinawan television shows and commercials.

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Okinawa Convention Center

901-2224 4-3-1 Mashiki,Ginowan City, Okinawa, Japan


The venue is one of most prominent theaters in the prefecture, accommodating all stage performing arts, including theatrical plays, classic music concerts and musicals.

沖縄コンベンションセンター 沖縄コンベンションセンター

National Theatre Okinawa

901-2122 4-14-1 Jitchaku, Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan


It is also one of most distinguished theaters in the nation, with only six such facilities in existence throughout Japan.

国立劇場おきなわ 国立劇場おきなわ

Urasoe Tedako hall

901-2103 1-9-3 Nakama,Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan


浦添市てだこホール 浦添市てだこホール